From 2016 BIM (building information modelling) will be a requirement on all government projects.


New legislation that will come into force in 2016 requires that if the designs you produce are for government projects, schools, libraries, prisons etc, then they must have BIM information produced with design software as a 3D model.

BIM has been around for almost 20 years in the USA and specific software was developed for the construction industry that many food services companies assume they will need. They are worried at the vast cost of implementing these systems and the many months of having to attend a college or university to learn how to use it. Hopefully the information below will belay these fears and show that our specifically developed software will meet the requirements of the BIM legislation and for a fraction of the outlay.

What is BIM?

Essentially BIM is technical specification for each product within a design presented as a 3D model. The technical details need to be able to be viewed by project managers, builders and financiers as to make sure that technical requirements are met and associated costs are accounted for not only in the short term but in the long term also. 

To view the design together with the BIM information the project needs to exported and viewed using a viewer. There are 100’s of viewers available and the industry as well as ourselves have adopted a format called IFC. This is the most popular format to use as it ensures compatibility with other software platforms. 

Our software produces it’s drawings as .dwg files the same as AutoCAD® but we can convert the finished project into the IFC format that can then be sent on to a third party and viewed with an IFC viewer.

The BIM information (technical product specification) has to come from the manufacturer of the products you are using so that it can be included in the data fields within the software that sit behind each product.

Some manufacturers are making this information available for download for all software applications that meet the BIM

requirement, in the IFC format.

We offer a service to create the manufacturers products as 3D blocks and to produce the BIM information in the IFC format for them.