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autodecco PRO food service

autodecco is a specialised software application for planning cooking, food preparation, storage and washing area’s within cantering kitchens. Thousands of manufacturers and generic products make up the vast libraries of catering products and accessories enabling the designer to find what he needs easily and design quickly. Autodecco was developed to be able to design accurately and with a high level of detail so that architectual style plans and elevations have the familiar look of those produced with AutoCAD®, but with the added benefit of being able to produce HD 3D photorealistic renders.

autokitchen PRO food service

autokitchen is essentially the same as autodecco when designing back of house. When designing front of house, bars, restaurants and shop displays autokitchen comes into it’s own as it features over 4200 modifiable parametric cabinets. It features over 240 door styles and 200 handles as well as thousands of accessories. autokitchen PRO food services can produce cut lists and export panel sizes to CNC machinery..

Improvising presentation

Both of our packages come with templates so that multiple design layouts can be produced from each project. You can save multiple views and lay them on the print template as any arrangement you like. Layouts produced with our software can have as little or as much information added such as legends, dimensions, free text and annotations.

Both of our applications can produce layouts that are sure to impress your clients and lead to increasing your sales!

Click here for a layout example